Monday, September 23, 2013

Spanish Apartments

What a crazy adventure this apartment search has been! There have been tons of frustrations, tears and chocolate, but all of that is finally over and I have an apartment.

So, how does this crazy story begin? Let me tell you.

I looked at one apartment on Monday that I really liked, but it was a bit expensive. Meanwhile, a friend of mine was looking at an apartment that was much cheaper. I looked at that one on Tuesday and really liked it. We made a plan to go back the next day with another friend and possibly sign the lease. Therefore, I gave up the apartment I saw on Monday. So, we go back to the apartment on Wednesday and we tell him we want to sign the contract. He brings it and we have the contract in our hands, but we don't have money for the deposit. We tell him that we will run to the bank and he tells us that tomorrow will be fine. So, we leave. Thursday, about an hour before we are supposed to meet with him to finalize everything, he texts my friend and says we can't meet today and he will call us later. Then, after a wild goose chase, we find out that they have rented the apartment to someone else. By this time, there is less than 48 hours until I'm homeless in Madrid. So, I go to Starbucks and start sending out mass emails through Idealista, Easypiso, Fotocasa, etc. Friday morning, my friend, Taylor, and I break down and go to MadridEasy and, let me tell you, I could not have been happier. They put us right at ease and we had seen, loved and finalized a contract on an apartment within three hours of walking into the office.

Here are some pics of my place! Enjoy!


  1. I love your place and so does Dad! Quite an adventure! Love you lots!

  2. Hey Brittany! It's Rachel from HUMN 300!
    You apartment looks amazing. have a wonderful time in Spain!

    1. Rachel! I miss you! Thank you very much! I am having a wonderful time in Spain. Look for a message from me soon - I will be traveling to Italy one of these days!