Monday, September 9, 2013

On Bettering My Spanish and Making Friends and On El Corte Inglés

On Bettering My Spanish and Making Foreign Friends

I have officially made it through a day using Spanish in most of my conversations with Spaniards. Ironically, the only place I found myself completely unsure of my basic skills was in a Starbucks (although I do have to give a shout out to Taylor for helping me buy stamps) where I spoke in English the entire time. To buy After Coffee Mints. Because I am utterly, disgustingly American like that. I have to say that I am getting much better even if I have only been here for a few days.

It also helps that I started Spanish class today. Although they put me into a basic class, I was happy to be back in a classroom setting. I immediately got to jump back into annoying girl who never shuts up and was able to lead a team to victory in Spanish Pictionary. Plus, I felt really great being in a classroom where I understood every single word that was being spoken - and it was all in Spanish. I have a great teacher, Fede, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and tomorrow I will get to meet Amelia.

After class, I got to meet up and grab lunch with some fellow classmates. I met one girl from Britain and one girl from Australia and brought them to lunch with a few people from my exchange program. It was awesome getting to talk with them about other cultures!

On El Corte Inglés

This store has everything! Literally it has everything I will ever need while I am in Spain. It can only be described as Macy's+Target+OfficeMax+Barnes&Noble+Safeway - and I didn't even make it to every level!!

Here are some pictures I snapped in the Market part of El Corte Inglés:

Translates to "monkfish," but couldn't resist sharing:

This ice cream made me laugh:

Yum, brains:

Fingers of Mozerella, anyone?:


  1. What are the things in the hanging cases? Love that you are photographing everything. This sounds like a Harrad's in Madrid?

    1. There are pasta in those cases. And it's much better and cheaper than Harrod's. haha