Friday, October 18, 2013

Dining With Hemingway and Playing Virginia Woolf: Literary Moments in Spain

Sorry for the morbid game in the title, I lost - obviously - and the pictures later will explain it.

I am writing this post because literature is my favorite thing and I miss my bookish friends a bit and need someone to nerd out about literature with, so, a blog will have to do. (Ali - I'm looking at you. You're close. VISIT, DAMMIT! I WANT TO TALK ABOUT BOOKS! IN ENGLISH!) I have not had a worthy literary conversation in a while. So, my non-literary friends, bear with me.

I stumbled into this museum in Retiro and they had this at the front of it. It was an indoor dock that was very beautiful and really cool to see. It also had really melodic tones playing in the background while I walked down the dock.

Walking down the dock made me think of Virginia Woolf and other early 20th century female writers. Thinking of them and how much I love studying/reading their work definitely made me want to go somewhere and sit with a book and a pencil and a notebook and really take some time and analyze feminist literature. I'm a nerd - I know this. 

It was a fun game of Virginia Woolf, but I lost (I know, this is a good thing).

So, then it was back to playing Fitzgerald and living like I'm part of the Lost Generation. Or Wilde and engaging in indulging activities. So, here are some pictures of Botin. It was frequented by Hemingway! It is also famous for serving the full pigs you see in the picture below - an indulging delicacy of sorts.

This was the table where Hemingway used to sit. I totally nerded out a little bit when I saw it. It was definitely a "loss for words" type of moment. 

Oh, it also is the world's oldest restaurant in the world, according to the Guinness' Book of World Records, which makes it even cooler.

So, there is my little literary rant. I fully expect people to Skype me to talk about books now.

Just kidding.

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  1. If people are allowed to bug me about writing more blogs, I get to bug you :D WRITE MORE!